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Bruce & Helen

“We didn’t really know all the great things that happened on our Wedding Day till we viewed the video.  It lets us relive the day in both sight and sound.” 
“I like the way AVAMS let us take part in all levels of production including the editing. Like they say in their letterhead ‘You can take on the role of Director if you wish’ and they provide guidance all the way. What you learn about production is most interesting.” 
“With so much time, effort and cost invested in our Wedding the Video is an excellent way to preserve how it all went together!” 



Filming Your Wedding
 Affordable Video & Photography

There’s no better way to record your special day than with a DVD. A good videographer will do more than just record the event but will tell the story in both vision and sound bringing it together into your own special movie which will be relived and cherished forever by your family and friends.

Affordable Video & Multimedia Services (AVAMS) are unique in a number of ways.
Probably the most important claim we can make after years of service to satisfied clients, is that we offer the very best value in both quality and affordability. We have in the past six years expanded into the field of digital photography giving you the very best of all media formats to choose from including the Internet. As already mentioned we will better any quote when compared on an equitable basis of equipment used and coverage.

Our current Wedding Packages can start as low as a few hundred dollars for a basic coverage.  Prices then go up for more elaborate coverage involving 2 camera shoots and high- resolution widescreen productions on an authored DVD.

For those who are budgeting and want a quick estimate, complete the Costing Guide  PDF we’ve provided then email it to us for verification Or Phone Bruce or Helen now on 02 6332 1247 for a no obligation costing estimate.



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