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Why Choose Us To Video Your Wedding?


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To give you an idea of the content of a wedding video and the type of clips we can achieve in shooting a real life event the three Wedding segments show how the  program could be presented in chapters on a DVD. A great advantage in a DVD is that you can quickly go to any chapter immediately.   

In realty most Wedding Video/DVD’s have around 6 chapters. e.g. a Quick Review of the Day - Slide Show (stills converted from video and set to music) Preparations at the Bride and Grooms homes/venue; The Wedding Service; Afterwards (family & Friends ); the Photo Sessions; The Reception and Speeches (which can be broken into further sub chapters if you wish. 

Please note that unless you are using the highest bandwidth broadband the quality of the video images will be nowhere near the broadcast quality we obtain on the actual DVD master. 

Because of regulations we cannot, with the movie samples, feature any more than  very short segments of the actual music chosen by the couple. For your actual DVD production we pay an Annual License fee to allow you to use your choice of music.