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“We’re so glad we had the video done professionally.  The quality of the picture and sound is just so good. Amateur coverage we’ve seen on some of our friends’ videos is just no comparison with what AVAMS can achieve!” 



In A Nutshell – Why You Need Us:

We realise your time is valuable and thanks for taking this first step in browsing our Website. If you read only these first three paragraphs, you’ll find out why we’re one of the most popular Production Houses.  We guarantee to provide you with the BEST QUALITY COVERAGE for what you can AFFORD.  We will better any other comparative quote. Our capability results from our years of fieldwork experience and the professional equipment we use.  Whilst our Website initially concentrates on Weddings, please note that we are a versatile Production House that can cater for all home and commercial work right up to full blown movies, documentaries, features and everything in the fields of Multimedia and the Internet..

A Pledge That Can’t Be Beaten: Our pledge is:  Provided we’re not already booked  on the day you have chosen for the shoot we’ll supply our services at a rate that is better than any other written quote - provided it is compared on a equitable basis in relation to equipment, content and quality.  Note particularly that we can also do both the Video and Photography resulting in further savings in cost whilst giving you greater integration and flexibility in the way content is recorded and presented.

Don’t feel that quality needs to come at a high price. The amazing revolution of digital technology in the past decade has put broadcast quality and high definition into the realm of everyone. What really is the true determiner of quality is the experience and skills of your camera crew and editors. Don’t fall into the home movie trap by having an inexperienced videographer or photographer do the recording.  It’s most likely you’ll be bitterly disappointed. In most instances you only have one chance to get everything right so don’t opt for the work of an amateur!


The resolution of these movies if enlarged will degrade substantially. This is because of the low band-width selected to make them playable even  if viewed on old modems. The original DVD’s are of pristine quality