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The costs outlined here relate to Weddings and some events.  For other Video Productions or Multimedia requests you should ring or email us details so we have a good idea of what’s involved before we quote.  In all cases the costs are determined by the equipment required, the expertise needed and an estimate of how long ir will take us to effectively complete the job.
Our pledge on cost guarantees as outlined on the Home Page applies to both Weddings and Multimedia Productions.

For Weddings you’ll see a price range in the ‘My Costing Sheet’ the PDF you can access here. The prices are dependent on the amount of footage we take or the degree of editing.  If you want the best then the prices will be at the upper end of the range.  Conversely if cost cutting you will go for minimal shoots and even perhaps leave some segments out. Your first compilation will only be regarded as your estimate. We’ll verify this when we receive your form or better still when you also phone us.

  1. The lower end of the scale indicates the use of a basic professional camera and a shorter time spent on filming that particular segment.
  2. The higher levels involve the use of a broadcast quality camera(s) with excellent picture and sound quality.  Such cameras are particularly suited to low light situations in churches and at the reception.  The higher cost also indicates that more time will be spent on quality shooting of the particular segment
  3. In regard to Editing cost ranges reflect whether you want Basic or Optimum Quality Editing.  With Optimum you get far more in quality editing with such aspects as using the best Clips, Quality Sound and Continuity, Titling, your Own Music, Transitions and Effects.
  4. DVD production costs range from a straight run auto play format with no menu or chapters to full authoring which will have Menus and Chapters meaning you can go instantly to a particular segment, e.g. the speeches. At the higher end you also receive attractive coloured picture disk prints and slicks.  Generally with all productions you receive two DVD’s.  Extra copies can be ordered with price reductions for quantities.
  5. Slide Show costs depend on the number of stills we create from the video and set to music.   Generally these range from 25 to 70 shots.
  6. Videoing the photo sessions are proving to be extremely popular since they are usually set in lovely surrounds and you capture the fun and incidental comments.  These are further enhanced by the addition of your choice of music.

Bearing this in mind we also make the following guarantee that we will better the costing and quality of any competitor provided the comparison is made on an equitable basic of equipment used, coverage and time taken. Note also you are dealing with a production house that introduced the concept of video recording weddings over thirty years ago so a wealth of experience has been gained in fieldwork.  With the advances in digital technologies we also offer you photographic coverage of your Wedding if you have not booked a professional stills photographer to cover your Wedding. For those who have purchased new LCD or Plasma flat screens we can  produce in high resolution widescreen.

MOST IMPORTANT:  Ring , Email or Fax us to have your costings verified. In 2010-11 upon negotiating final costings you’ll be sent an Agreement Form containing the agreed on costing.  This form signed by both parties constitutes a Booking and ‘Claiming the Date’.  Don’t hold off too long as we sometimes have to turn clients away when we have more than two bookings on the one day.

Note that good planning of your Wedding Day Itinerary can also save you heaps.  e.g. In the Reception have the Speeches and Cake Cutting held fairly early.  With these factors in mind here are our costing ranges.  Remember costs can fall anywhere in between. In particular circumstances further discounts may be given. Costs can be further cut by not having all sections covered.. However At least 75% of clients opt for full coverage when they see our Wedding samples


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