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A Strong Record of Productivity Over Three Decades

AVAMS has a strong record of productivity having started three decades ago as localised production house covering the Western Part of NSW and accordingly named Western Video Services. It was in fact the first service to use the then very new colour portapaks west of the Blue Mountains and to experiment with what could be achieved from using this new technology.

Our new name took effect as we moved into the 21st Century and began to cover a much wider multimedia spectrum and area of coverage. Again we were one of the first production houses to experiment with and introduce the concept of interactive DVD’s to the general public in the 90’s and were active in endeavouring to set up multimedia centres in keeping with the Commonwealth Government’s initiative at the time.

As will be evident we are much more that just wedding and event recorders who come out only during weekends. We are full timers in the professional industry and have a wealth of experience in the full gambit of movie making

It is also important to point out that we are not a group that is exploiting a high profit margin in the industry especially those productions pertaining to Weddings. Monies go back into researching and experimenting with the latest technologies in the field of multimedia and supporting community based video initiatives such as the ‘Remembers Project’

Our Production Houses have always supported the growth of Video and DVD especially in community initiatives and training programs. For this purpose we are members of the Communication and Resources Project (CARP Inc) which has also been operating for close on three decades with many significant and pathfinding productions to its credit.

More is mentioned about these special projects and programs if you go to the Video Production and Remembers Tabs. Suffice to say with this amount of experience and the fact that our business is sponsoring to a significant degree Wedding and Special Event videos can you not afford to enquire and utilise the great deals we are prepared to offer you!

We’re just a phone call or email away and keen to talk wedding video or anything on video and DVD production. (02 6332 1247) or ryanbphj@bigpond.com